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Do you want to Navigate Bias Effectively?

Racial Bias

Gender Bias



Sexual Orientation Bias

Religious Bias

Class Bias


Confused about bias?

  Adopt the Right Mindset




    Do you have clear objectives for unconscious bias training?     

Are they correct? 

 Stop trying to Eradicate Bias



Is your strategy correct?

Do you have a road map for measurable wins?   

Adopt a Navigation Strategy         




Are you taking the right action steps? 



Short clips of Buki Mosaku’s ground breaking interview on navigating Unconscious Bias.

Praise for IDU? Methodology

“…the IDU? approach provides an alternative framework that if used with sufficient regularity has the potential to interrupt our intrinsic predisposition to embrace cognitive shortcuts. By reconditioning us to challenge these internalized presumptions during mental decision-making processes, IDU? may have even broader implications for social development.”

Dr. Olajide Williams
Chief of Staff Neurology, Professor of Neurology,
Columbia University

Nick Ferrari LBC and SKY Presenter

“It’s fascinating what you do… I’ve learnt a bit more… You’ve done a fine job so I’m grateful.”

Marcia McFarlane. Marsh ,SVP

“Fantastic and on point.”

Amina Appiah-Lewis. Director of Alpha One Marketing

“This is excellent! What I like is that it gives a clear blueprint on what to do and how to fix things.”

Olu Fasan. Cap Gemini, Senior Engagement Manager

“DDE – Dispassionate Developmental Enquiry to foster better coworker relationships…”

Nicola King. Premises Manager at the Royal Latin School

A simple question, ‘I don’t understand….?’ but a powerful and non-confrontational way to address possible unconscious bias…”

Head of Human Resources, Marsh SVP

“…“I don’t understand” is a great tool for calling out unconscious bias, not just for those at the receiving end but for anyone who recognises it.”

Angela Emery. Learning and Organisation Consultant

“…you really hit the nail on the head, thank you”.

Sylvia Powell. Managing Director, Kempstone Media

“I found it refreshing in that it goes beyond simply articulating what unconscious bias is and offers a simple but powerful strategy for dealing with the issue head on”.

Michael Kadiri. Managing Director, AIP Boess Ltd

“Buki has for sometime now become the UK expert and solution provider for this very vexed and emotive issue…”

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