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Forthcoming Events

April 21: ShowMe50 Lean In Circle Leadership Development Power lunch: I don’t understand?

Bias Navigation and Sales Training Expert Buki Mosaku has cracked the code for calling out unconscious bias to stop it in its tracks. After personally training and observing more than 50,000 professionals across the world, London-based Buki, founder of DiverseCity ThinkTank, has developed a powerful methodology, set out in his latest book, I don’t Understand? A practical guide to navigating bias in the workplace.

The basic premise is simple:Traditional corporate training solutions tend to follow the counterproductive model of Guilty Perpetrator v Hapless Victim. Buki will explain why this approach is unproductive and counter-intuitive. Even better, he will present a more effective model and train us on the five steps to navigating unconscious gender bias: 

1. Mindset: leave baggage at the door 

2. Benefit of the doubt and DDE (dispassionate developmental enquiry) 

3. Call out the problem not the bias 

4. Don’t deviate from a DDE line of questioning 

5. Collaboratively agree on a solution for accountability 

This 45-minute Power Lunch will leave you ready to handle the next uncomfortable and frustrating bias encounter at work.

Facilitated by Elba Pareja-Gallagher and Buki Mosaku

Watch this video clip of Buki talking about the tricky thing about handling unconscious bias.

Make a $30 donation and you can receive the ShowMe50 Mobile Motis. What are these unique gifts for yourself or your mentees? 

Empowering messages to remind you to face challenging work situations confidently and to break down barriers. See video below. Make your donation here.

As Harrison Holgate’s D&I advisor, having researched in depth I found disparity in interview or career feedback given from male senior managers to their female team vs male.

The results of a review of feedback from 146 mid-career leaders showed that “feedback provided to women tended to be less actionable and less useful for leadership progression than feedback given to men, making it less likely that women advanced to more senior positions.”

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Buki Mosaku is the founder of DiverseCity Think Tank and is one of the world’s foremost unconscious bias navigation experts, leading business consultant, corporate sales trainer and coach. He is one of the guest panelists for the UNA Chicago Diversity & Inclusion Talk Panel on May 14, 2021 at 10:30am-12:00pm CST. Buki is the author of the forthcoming book, I don’t Understand? A practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace.

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Diversity and Inclusion

What You Need to Know

25 February-11AM-12PM


In this practical webinar designed specifically for brokers, you will not only learn what diversity and inclusion means, what to do and why it is good for business. You’ll also receive a blueprint on how to harness diversity and inclusion for measurable competitive advantage going forward.
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Buki Mosaku has been active as an international business consultant within insurance broking and professional services for over 20 years. He is also the founder of DiverseCity Think Tank: Diversity and Inclusion Consultants. He has written numerous articles on diversity and inclusion and is the author of the IDU? Methodology and the forthcoming book: I don’t understand?: A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace. Buki frequently appears in the media sharing his views on the tangible business benefits of diversity and inclusion.
We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Tali Shlomo FCIPD
An internationally recognised HR Director, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Wellbeing thought leader whose achievements were recognised in the 2020 Insurance Business Global 100 influential people for creating inclusive workplace cultures.Tali has sat on several insurance and financial services market-led diversity, inclusion and wellbeing advisory groups and committees and is a regular spokesperson at events and panel sessions.

Awesome feedback! from hundreds of broker attendees. Here’s a sample below:

“Gets one thinking…. worth listening again from the Aviva website”

“Just an excellent webinar providing invaluable insight into diversity & inclusion in the workplace”

“Meaningful ideas about I & D and how to get these implemented into businesses”.

“I have never seen such enthusiasm shown on a webinar before. Buki should be Prime Minister !!”

“Interesting lively speakers”. “Much thought provoking”

“…enthusiastic speakers who are also relatable”

“…enthusiasm of speakers.  really thought provoking.  Thank you.”

“Everybody was very smiley and was nice to touch on areas that can be very sensitive”.

“Enjoyed the energy and interactive parts. Very engaging”

“The whole spectrum was very interesting and informative”.

“The speakers both gave clear explanations and examples that I could relate to”.

“Very positive whilst making you realise the extent of bias which exists in a subconscious way”