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Buki Mosaku: Workplace Bias Navigation Expert and Founder of DiverseCity Think Tank

Born in west London to Nigerian parents, Buki started his corporate career in media and advertising before moving into consultancy in the City of London. He then went on to found RosAcad, an international business and sales training consultancy and latterly DiverseCity Think Tank- Workplace Bias Navigation Experts and D&I consultants. In his work as a communication expert, consultant, and coach to tens of thousands of global clients’ staff over twenty-one years, he became acutely aware of the impact of the multidirectional nature of workplace bias in stifling otherwise prosperous careers including his own at times.

Buki also became aware of popular, well-meaning yet unworkable  and inadequate expert and academic theories to combat racial, disability, gender, sexual orientation bias etc, such as IAT- Implicit Association Tests, ‘White Fragility,’ ‘Anti-racist Consulting’, traditional Microaggression training and so on, that actually hinder the people they purport to help as well as reduce group wide productivity.  Buki himself has grappled with unconscious (and indeed conscious) bias with varying degrees of success in his employed career and as a consultant in the city.

Frustrated with his own challenges and the inadequacy of behavioural experts, authors, and consultants’ attempts to address workplace bias, he set out to develop a fair, equitable results-oriented methodology to tackle person(s) to person(s) bias effectively in the workplace. His forthcoming book I Don’t Understand? – A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace is the culmination of 21 years of working, observing, and interacting with over 50,000 individuals throughout the world as a consultant, communications expert, trainer, and coach.

With disarming honesty, humour, enthusiasm, and a rare breed of clarity void of guilt or pain, Buki empowers and equips audiences of leaders and staff alike to effortlessly navigate what he describes as “the inevitability of workplace bias”.

Buki has cracked the code for calling out unconscious workplace bias to stop it in its tracks. The basic premise is simple: Traditional corporate training solutions tend to follow the counterproductive model of Guilty Perpetrator v Hapless Victim. Buki will explain why this approach is unproductive and counter intuitive. Even better, he will present a more effective model to navigating ALL workplace bias and show audiences How to Think, What to Say, When to Say it and the Way to Say it, so that you can put career stifling and conflict generating workplace bias behind you, your colleagues and team once and for all. As a leading business consultant Buki has worked with global industry giants including: Shell, AXA, SKY, BNY Mellon Newton, BNP Paribas, M&S, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Aon, HSBC and more.



Buki’s official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Navigating Workplace Bias: How to Think, What to Say, When to Say it and The Way to Say it! – Drawing on his IDU? Methodology Buki equips organisations with skills to navigate what he describes as the inevitability of workplace bias


  • 10 Universal Mistakes Most Organisations Make in Tackling Workplace Bias – Buki shows how guilt-driven inclusion solutions cause 99% of organisations to unwittingly make ten glaring mistakes in addressing workplace bias that dooms their efforts to failure


  • Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace: Lessons from Tackling Racial Bias – Drawing on his acclaimed article in the Female Lead Buki shares lessons from tackling racial bias to navigating gender bias in the workplace


  • Bias Navigation for Leaders! Be Open to: Bias Call Out and Calling Out Reverse Bias – Buki shows leaders the career stifling effects of Reverse Bias and why not calling it out in the moment is a dereliction of duty. He also shows leaders the importance of being open to being called out for bias too


  • Race to the Top! How to Bridge the Minority (and all Marginalised Groups) Gap in Leadership – Shows leaders how to bridge the minority gap through the adoption of bias navigation strategies and tactics


  • X-Factor- Exponential Growth for Diverse teams – Maximise the potential of diverse teams and multiply their results exponentially regardless of actual, sensed, or perceived obstacles. Teams acquire a mindset conducive to quantum shifts in performance


  • Diversity and Inclusion: What You Need to Know and Why it’s Good for Business – Buki shows organisations what, why and how of diversity and inclusion and then provides a template for effective diversity and inclusion management
  • Black History Month

Buki is available as a keynote speaker, guest panellist, facilitator, compère and trainer

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Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace

Delegate feedback from navigating Gender Bias in the workplace event

Enjoyed participating in the ShowMe50% Women Leading Leadership Development Power Lunch today with bias navigation and sales training expert Buki Mosaku. Stewing on moments of unconscious bias  rather than calling it out can lead to more tension. Diffuse bias by asking questions for understanding and assuming all parties have good intentions. Nozi Hamidi- Senior Business Development & Marketing Executive-Strategy M&A.

Navigating Race and Gender Bias in the workplace

Diversity & Inclusion – Buki Mosaku thank you for an interactive and engaging session and for giving Sky colleagues some tips on how to navigate bias in the workplace (race and gender), loved your energy

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