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Buki is a powerful, humorous, motivational and expert speaker on the following topics:

  • I don’t understand? Navigating bias in the workplace
  • Sensing Bias?… Call it Out and see 
  • Directional Bias v Reverse Bias 
  • Guilt Based v Fairness Based Inclusion 
  • The measurable benefits derived from recruiting diverse teams and an inclusive culture 
  • How to develop and manage diverse teams for success
  • How the workplace can support diversity and inclusion

Buki is available as a keynote speaker, guest panellist, facilitator, compère and trainer

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Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace

Delegate feedback from navigating Gender Bias in the workplace event

Enjoyed participating in the ShowMe50% Women Leading Leadership Development Power Lunch today with bias navigation and sales training expert Buki Mosaku. Stewing on moments of unconscious bias  rather than calling it out can lead to more tension. Diffuse bias by asking questions for understanding and assuming all parties have good intentions. Nozi Hamidi- Senior Business Development & Marketing Executive-Strategy M&A.

Navigating Race and Gender Bias in the workplace

Diversity & Inclusion – Buki Mosaku thank you for an interactive and engaging session and for giving Sky colleagues some tips on how to navigate bias in the workplace (race and gender), loved your energy

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Short clips of Buki Mosaku’s ground breaking interview on navigating Unconscious Bias.

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